/‘mudi i•muhj•ree/ (noun) -

a photograph or visual image that invokes emotion.


MOODY is a creative collaboration specializing in experimental visual storytelling and moody vibes. 

With years of experience in commercial production, branded content, editorial fashion, automotive action, narrative storytelling, documentary, bite sized social, music videos, comedy, and so much more - we strive to create stuff that matters, takes a creative risk and makes people stop and notice.



Experiential Fashion

Come with me into a world of pure imagination


Whether we’re digging deep into analogue nostalgia,

or nerding out over the latest gadgets and trends,

we aim to create connections.

Connections to character

to style, to story.



Editorial Fashion

Say you'll remember me


From creative conception, all the way to the final drop, we obsess over every step of the process, whether it’s finding that perfect detail in each and every frame or understanding the point of what it is we’re doing.   

So let’s take that one last shot

stay up all night talking about everything and nothing, eat that last taco, turn it up to 11...

And get lost in experiencing all the moody feelings.